About Us

AMIDALE INDUSTRIES, We are manufacturer and retailer of Equestrian products since 2000, Based in Sialkot, Pakistan, has built a good reputation over the years.
We despatch goods in bulk from Pakistan while goods sold through our online shops are being dispatched through UK. Where our sellers sell goods under a registered brand named ‘’AMIDALE’’. All the products displayed on our website are those which we are still manufacturing that is why the products in snaps are with tags.
We develop all of our products with the well being of our customers in mind. It is our belief that products should design and manufacture according to the needs of our customers, in order to build a long term relation. That is why we made a revolutionary change in equestrian industry by making most of the products in different beautiful colors.
Customers who work with us on regular base can obtain our dealership hence they become able to sell items under our brand name and avail all the benefits of our good reputation which we earned after selling thousands of items to various customers worldwide.
We take payments of bulk orders into our Pakistan base business account. While payments of online shop orders are being accepted via PayPal.