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Jin Floral

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Jin Floral

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The peculiarity of Jin Stirrup is the board support. Jin Stirrup has been projected to have a maximum weight of 350 grams, lower of the standard steel stirrup but slightly higher to the stirrup in plastic material.

Thanks to the special design Jin Stirrup has, comparing to the standard stirrup, a larger form and a particular grip which gives a higher sense of stability creating an 'all IN one' with your foot.

Jin Stirrup has been made in high quality aluminium. As the cost of Jin Stirrup which is manufactured by CNC machineries is so high that majority of customers cannot afford. So we decided to manufacture it by Sand Casting. Moreover colouring is being done by Paper Coating, beautiful paper designed instead of Anodize.

We are giving a range of beautiful floral designs in Jin Stirrup at reasonable prices.

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